DIY Jewelry holder for all kinds of Jewelry

DIY Jewelry holder for all Kind of jewelryI made a jewelry holder da di do da turu rum pum paaaa…….and lets cut the chase. I have a toddler who really (I hope bold font emphasizes the fact enough) loves to try on all of my stuff. Check my latest Instagram feed if you don’t believe me. So I cannot have jewelry holder on a table. I also don’t like or want to have different storage for bracelets/ watches and earrings and necklaces. I want all my jewelries, correction, fashion jewelries to be in one feasible place and easily accessible. That is why I came up with this DIY jewelry holder which is very functional and holds all type of jewelry, from bracelets to ear studs to rings.

I made this holder four months back and I use it every day. It is so easy to store all jewelries on it and pick out the one I need during the morning rush hours. So if I want to find those pink earrings in two seconds, I actually do. I didn’t have it in mind to share it here (ironic) but considering how useful it can be for all the ladies, I decided otherwise. Plus it is very inexpensive and quick to make. So let me show you how I made it. Continue reading

Scrumptious breakfast – Egg omelet tacos

Breakfast - Egg tacos with veggies fillingHi there, after a long time :) . Today I am in with a scrumptious breakfast recipes – my yummy egg tacos. My husband loves it and never says no to it. It is one of our favorite Sunday breakfasts. I call them egg tacos because of the way they look, but its more like an egg omelet with a twist. One of the biggest advantage of this recipe is that it is easy to make, filled with vegetables and very fulfilling. Its a delicious way to feed veggies to kids (our little secret ;) ). So lets get to the recipe. Continue reading

IQmom is now Tinker in me

Hi all. There are a few announcements I need to make and a lot of talking to do :) First of all, the most obvious change, the title. I have renamed my blog from IQmom to ‘Tinker in me’. The reason for this change is amusingly simple. It took me more than an year to come up with the right name. I wanted a name that would represent this blog’s true character. And after brooding over it for a long time, I came up with this name; since I can’t stop tinkering with stuffs at all and that is what I write about, so the name.

Now there are few more things I would like to disclose here. I am still making a lot of changes on this blog. You may not be able to see a few photographs. I am working on it and hope to fix it soon.

I was holding my posts from publishing, due to these changes. I hoped to finish them soon but it is taking longer than I thought. So I decided to go on with publishing and mending at the same time.

I hope you all like the changes. Keep an eye for the new posts :)

Say no to New Year’s resolutions. Try something NEW.

What resolution to make for New YearHappy New year 2015 to all of you. May this year be prosperous for you and your family and it may bring lot of joy and happiness to you all.

Every year, the last couple of months make me wonder how quickly the year went by. And intuitively I start reviewing the past year. What all I did, how the year turned out… know where I am going with this. This all leads to the New Year’s resolutions followed by a new list of crazy resolutions for the coming year. I will be thinner (no wonder that comes first on the list), be more creative, be a better person and the vague list goes on. Don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing 2014, especially when it comes to the resolutions part. Its just that I didn’t make any resolutions for this past year. I tried something new and made my year count, without a heart break of not living up to my resolution list. I ended up doing lot more than I would have put on my list. Here is my secret. Continue reading

Gifts we bought this festive season

Gifts for her - For festive season, thanksgiving, christmas, new year, valentine's dayGift guides, we love them. Every year, when the festive seasons comes in, I and my husband think we don’t need to buy much for ourselves or our home. It turns out to be a delusion, every time. So this year I took the luxury of making a list and checking it out. You can take this as a gift guide (if you are still looking for one), but the stuff I listed here is what we bought for ourselves this year. I meant luxury when I said luxury or so I feel after looking at our credit card statements. And these are not all the things we bought. We got so small and cute stuffs for our house as well, like a super soft luxury throw, our the door racks for organizing our home (another delusion) etc. So lets have a look at our gift list. Continue reading