1 important parenting tip every parent should keep in mind, ALWAYS

Most important parenting tip everI read many parenting tips, followed many, mastered few, failed at many. Same as any other parent. We need parenting tips to make the insane yet beautiful ‘epoch’ of parenthood, survivable. Sometimes I feel like I learnt more after becoming a parent than I ever did before. Of all the wisdom I gained, the one favorite parenting tip, that I would give to any and every parent-to-be or new parent is the one I am gonna discuss here today. I believe it is a very important tip. And it is equally renowned. But following it is challenging. Continue reading

Yummy Lentil Soup

Yummy and nutritious Lentil soup recipe with beautiful Latte art on itI had this item on my to do list for a long time now, sharing my yummy lentil soup recipe. This one is loved by all three of us. Even my two year old can’t resist it. It is one of my favorite food and is a perfect combination of taste and nutrition. This soup is very fulfilling, easy to make and delicious. And I added some Latte art before serving it. It makes it look great and tempting. I even pulled together a little video on how to do this Latte art on soups. You can find it at the end of this post.

Yummy and nutritious Lentil soup recipe with latte art on it

Getting Ingredients ready to make vegan Lentil soupMost of the recipes that you will find, use vegetable broth. I use fresh veggies instead. The vegetables that I use include carrots, onions, celery and tomatoes. Adding some green bell pepper would not be a bad idea but it alters the taste a bit. It would add a taste similar to jalapeno minus Continue reading

Beautiful Zoo themed nursery

Quick nursery decoration for working momsQuick and easy nursery decoration for girl  or boy and working momsQuick nursery decoration on budget for working momsI am so glad to feature a lovely Zoo themed nursery owned by a cute little boy, Ryan. The credit definitely goes to his superbly talented mommy, Hasitha Desai. She furnished the room and bedecked the walls beautifully. Collecting the right stuffs for the room must have taken some time but as per her claim, getting the walls right was pretty quick. She picked cute wall decals. I think it is an efficient way of decorating a nursery. But the trick to get the perfect decor is how creatively you arrange it. And from where I see it, Hasitha is a very creative individual. I am grateful to her for letting me showcase her son’s nursery here.

Zoo themed nursery is perfect for girls as well as boys. It looks very cute, colorful and lively. I am sharing some more pics here of Ryan’s nursery which I hope will prove to be handy for parents looking for kid’s room decor tips and ideas. Lets have a look at the details of this nursery.

P.S – Ryan made the little animal poster on the entrance door to his room. Continue reading