The ‘what do you know’ Summer salad

Healthy Summer watermelon and nuts saladI was working at my office today and it was time for some afternoon snacks. I carried some watermelon cubes to office to snack upon and I keep some trail mix in my drawer there. I would add some drama to this story now – I was super hungry, like Godzilla super hungry. I was sure the watermelons alone won’t win this battle. Soooo………Healthy Summer watermelon and nuts salad for kids……I decided to mix the two. Now I had some nuts (basically peanuts, almonds and walnuts) and watermelons in my plate. By God’s grace, I had those tiny salt and pepper packets which I happily spread on this weird salad on mine. Now if you think I waited to give that appreciation look of “look what I ‘has’ made” to this salad, no I did not. I was super hungry and started munching upon this salad. After two or three big munches, my heart and mind, unanimously said ‘well, what do you know’. The taste was a surprise. It turned out pretty good. Like really good. So I decided to bring it here to you all.

I hope after listening to this epic (say nothing plz) story, you will give it a try. Bonus points about this salad –

  • Its yummy.
  • Its healthy.
  • Its super easy to make.
  • Its perfect for summer.
  • Its a perfect summer party food.

* Bonus point, I believe it would taste even better with some minced fresh green mint leaves. I ran out of mint leaves, so couldn’t try it. But I am sure it would be amazing.

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Try a new flavor – Peaches pancakes

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Try a new flavor - peches pancakeThe best thing I love about weekends is breakfast. Getting up at your own time,  leisure to spend half an hour with morning tea by the window, lazily preparing breakfast with family, no morning rush. Its a beautiful family cum me time. Last weekend I tried fresh peaches in pancakes and we all loved it. I like the scope you have with pancakes of adding fruits of your choice. Its fun to try new stuff.
Try a new flavor - peches pancake for breakfastTry a new flavor - peches pancake perfect for breakfastI always make pancakes with whole wheat flour and they turn our wonderful. Everyone Continue reading

DIY Geometric Photo Wall Decor

DIY Geometric Photo wall decorAnyone who loves to decorate their house would know that its a never ending process. So is my case. It’s been long since I tried my hands on some DIY and I have a long list of art projects that I would love to try. There is a deep connection between home decorating and DIYing. There always is that one piece that you need to make to complete the decor on a wall. Currently I am working on decorating the entrance of my apartment. Its been under construction, I mean under decoration for a while now. I was looking for some interesting, non perfunctory piece for it. It is finally getting some shape. I needed one wall decor item, which is long and brings in some colors. And here is my excuse to do a DIY. As a result, I did this one day project – a Geometric photo wall decor piece.

This was rather an easy one to pull off. The photographs are self explanatory but I would pen down the steps to describe what I did to make it look more polished, with out mod podge. Continue reading

Four hard to kill House plants

Four hard to kill house plants which clear house air as wellDo you hold a record of killing every plant that you ever brought home? Have you been a serial plant killer and finally gave up on live plants? Or substituted them with artificial plants to add some greenery in your house? And now, in a super cliched manner, I am gonna state that you are not alone. I have good experience in gardening but that doesn’t help to keep all plants alive. Lets throw into the scenario a baby, a full time job, a blog and a house to maintain plus some other crazy stuffs. It makes it more difficult to maintain house plants. This did not deter my love for plants, especially indoor plants. I love to have them around.

I finally resorted to having some plants that would be fine even if neglected for a while. At this point I would like to mention that I had prior experience with these plants as we had them in my parent’s house. I already knew that these plants would be easy to grow and low maintenance. Lets get to the list now. Continue reading